2020 Siebel Scholar

This fall, I was among 93 students named a member of the 2020 cohort of Siebel Scholars hailing from the world’s top graduate programs in bioengineering, business, computer science, and energy science. Of the 96, 16 were from MIT, 5 of which were from my department of Bioengineering.

Siebel scholars are honored for their academic achievements, leadership, and commitments to addressing crucial global challenges.

Siebel Scholars each receive an award of $35,000 to cover their final year of study from the Thomas and Stacy Siebel Foundation. In addition, we join a community of more than 1,400 past Siebel Scholars, including about 260 from MIT. I am so grateful to be recognized among such an accomplished group of peers, and look forward to connecting with the community of Siebel Scholars at the upcoming Siebel Scholars Conference, and throughout my career!

MIT news article
Siebel Scholars news article

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