HUPO 2019, Adelaide

High-density Monitoring of pTyr Signaling Targets in Human Tumors Using Heavy Peptide Triggered 
Targeted Quantitation
Poster presentation at 2019 Hupo in Adelaide

This year, I was asked to present at the 2019 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress (HUPO) in Adelaide, Australia. I presented alongside Thermo Scientific on using the SureQuant method for targeted monitoring of tyrosine phosphorylation (pTyr) signaling in human colon tumors. This was during a lunch session, so the SureQuant internal standard parallel reaction monitoring (IS-PRM) based method was first introduced along with commercial applications such as the AKT/mTOR targeted kit, along with the new instruments and their advanced capabilities for targeted mass spectrometry. 

I presented on a custom application of the method, targeted 350 unique tyrosine phosphorylation sites with the SureQuant acquisition method. Data driven acquisition (DDA) methods commonly used for quantitative tyrosine phosphorylation analyses in our group suffer from poor run-to-run overlap, therefore using a high accuracy, high reproducible method like SureQuant lets us profile the signaling networks across many samples while minimizing missing values. 

The journey was long (12h + 14h flights), but I had an incredible time. The food was unbelievable, the weather was perfect, and I may or may not have started exploring post-doc opportunities in Australia…!

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